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*five-second long fart noise* 


*five-second long fart noise* 

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tiny changes on my body 

tiny changes on my body 

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Imagine your icon and you watching a movie and eating popcorn and potato rings. You icon gets a potato ring stuck to their ringfinger so they take another potato ring and sticks it onto your ringfinger whispering “We’re married now.”

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do you ever get in those moods where you don’t feel like reading and you don’t feel like being on the internet and you don’t feel like watching a show and you don’t feel like sleeping and you don’t feel like existing in general

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Seguin haters are literally the most annoying fucking people on this god damn fucking planet. How about you come up with actual fucking evidence that shows that he’s the asshole you portray him to be. He didn’t blow his contract up his fucking nose. He didn’t fuck Horton’s wife. He didn’t have security guards outside of his fucking door. THE BRUINS set him up to fail for expecting a 19-20 year old to have the world on his shoulders and carry it and not fall from time to time. THE BRUINS didn’t put him in Providence to help him mature and prove himself. THE BRUINS didn’t put him at center which is his natural position. THE BRUINS are the reason why Tyler is in Dallas instead of Boston. That is why we lost the in the Semi’s last year because the guy we needed had his ass parked on his couch in his new home instead of in Boston. Stop making Tyler the fucking scapegoat because you look like a fucking moron if you do. Tyler didn’t ask to fucking leave Chiarelli traded him. And now it will be a decision that hopefully gets ChiaPet fired. I’m seriously starting to get sick of the Bruins just because of all the bullshit and the stories that fans, the media, and the front office will come up with to degrade a player. They sound like a dumbass guy who breaks up with his girlfriend because they think she’s annoying and then makes her out to be the asshole to justify it in their mind that they made the right decision. This is the most unprofessional team in all of professional sports.


👏👏👏👏 bless you !

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Anonymous inquired:

It's so rude and immature to be on your phone in class in college especially blatantly like have some respect


It costs 82829k a year I’ll suck dick in class if I want to

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reblog this post and your url will be written on a $1 bill and scattered at 2015 dashcon (max 17,000 notes)

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Anonymous inquired:

you love pink so badly, dont ya

nah, not really, i love neon pink, and most of the work out clothes comes up in neon lights at my city, like i’d die for mint green work out clothes, but nah, and i hate green, orange and yellow pretty much and i dont feel like wearing black all the time whilst working out.. 

my favorite colour is actually watermelon red, mint green and thousand of shades of black and gray

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